New Logo

The Sncəwips Heritage Museum has a brand new logo following a logo contest held in 2014.

Contest Results

First Place: Coralee Miller

Second Place: Pat Raphael

Both Coralee and Pat are WFN Members and submitted incredible designs. Pat’s design will be incorporated into another aspect of the Museum in the future.

The New Logo

Coralee’s logo design represents the Museum extremely well and embodies the ideals and values of Westbank First Nation (WFN), community pride, and a strong sense of inclusiveness rooted in a foundation of syilx cultural heritage. Her design is visually stunning and expresses past, present, and future symbolism, making the design truly timeless.


Depicted in the logo is nx̌aʔx̌ʔitkʷ, the revered water spirit of the syilx people that represents harmony between the people and the water. nx̌aʔx̌ʔitkʷ has inspired many stories and cautionary tales reminding us that we are all connected and that no action is without consequence, especially with water. Coralee chose to represent nx̌aʔx̌ʔitkʷ because water is synonymous with healing; we cry away sorrow and laugh tears of joy, and we were all cradled in the sacred water of our mother’s womb. When we look for seclusion and self-reflection we often find ourselves by the lake or a creek. The seven humps on the spirit’s back represent the seven generations that have shouldered the responsibility to our water and the hope in fulfilling the prophecy of a cultural revival for all Nations. The eight circles within nx̌aʔx̌ʔitkʷ’s body represent the eight syilx nation communities.

Thank You!

The Sncəwips Heritage Museum thanks all artists who submitted logo designs for taking the time to create such wonderful and creative renderings. The Museum would also like to thank the Public Art Committee for taking the time to judge the Museum logo contest and for being thorough and thoughtful with their feedback, comments, and suggestions. The Museum also thanks Chief and Council for their support and for matching prize funding!

way’ limləmt

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