The Sncewips Heritage Museum showcases all that the sqilxw people from this area have to offer. There are excellent opportunities for everyone to get involved through the Museum, and we encourage you to pay a visit and share your ideas and feedback.

Westbank First Nation has worked hard to ensure that there are laws, policies, and procedures in place to manage and maintain a heritage museum, ensuring that our heritage, and that of the greater Okanagan Nation, can be preserved for future generations.

Following best museum practice, we have a trained professional staff dedicated to collecting, preserving, restoring, and interpreting archival, art, and artefact collections. As a professional heritage organization, we are also committed to the repatriation of syilx artefacts held by other museums.

The Sncewips Heritage Museum is the foundation for our own Centre of Excellence. We are here to ensure that there is a protected place for our culture and heritage, with our main goal being to engage the public and represent sqilxw people from our perspective.


There is no individual drop-in fee, but we do charge to facilitate group tours. Please take the time to sign our guest book on your way out.


We believe in the power of our own voice to inspire, educate, and transform. We are dedicated to collecting, preserving, restoring, and interpreting art and artifact collections that reflect the heritage and natural history of the syilx/Okanagan people.


We will benefit our people and the broader public through research, exhibitions, and public programming and will strive to make our artefact collections accessible to our members and regional, national, and international audiences. We will collaborate with other education bodies and organizations with similar interests.