Permanent exhibits situated within the community ensure there is access to local artifacts, while exhibits in prominent spaces outside our community share our history, current state of affairs, and future possibilities. These are opportunities for our image and worldview to become more recognizable and respected. We strive to work collaboratively with outside organizations a way to better increase public understanding of our heritage. These partnerships accentuate that our culture and heritage is alive. We will not be written about in past tense because we are a living reproduction of the knowledge and resiliency of our ancestors.


Off-Site Exhibits

Westbank First Nation Government Building

Location: 515 Highway 97 South, Kelowna, B.C.

Two-dimensional works, historical artifacts, and contemporary art.

Westbank First Nation Community Services Building

Location: 1900 Quail Lane, Westbank, B.C.

Pit House / qʷc̓iʔ

WFN Elders and Youth designed this modern Pit House following intensive research on traditional winter dwellings. Traditionally, Pit Houses were round in configuration and used as a living space, as well as a place to tell stories, celebrate, and store food. Okanagan peoples lived in these semi-subterranean dwellings during the winter and lived out in the open during the summers, often travelling.

Whispering Garden / sqəlʷsk̓ʷanɬq

Located next to the Pit House, this indigenous garden features plants such as Grandfather Sage, Bitter-root, and Saskatoon Berry.

Kelowna International Airport

Historical and contemporary art and artifacts.